Our Gardens

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Errisbeg Lodge  is spectacularly set amid private, spacious Wildflower Gardens with little stone-walled fields, and boasts its own private access to Errisbeg Mountain. Depending on the season, flowers which grow here range from Daffodils and Daisies to Fuschia and Wild Thyme, which all blend in wonderfully with the Orchids, The Purple Loosestrife, Thrift and Montbretia that also grow here.

Our Traditional Gardens with 17th Century low Stone Walls and old Cottage Ruins dating from Famine Times – lead directly to Errisbeg Mountain – a gentle climb with panoramic views of Lakes, Beaches, Roundstone Bog, Aran Islands and The 12 Bens Mountains.

Breandan O’ Scanaill – Connemara View Newspaper

“I recently visited the wonderful Wildflower Garden at Errisbeg Lodge,  near  Roundstone.  Acres of the most beautiful  flowers dotted this land, and in a relatively small space,  almost every wildflower which grows in Connemara was thriving. The garden is managed very well; the taller grasses are kept under control using a strimmer, and in other parts, animals are allowed to graze. The rocks are covered in stonecrop and higher up,  low gorse and heather form a perfect mat.

What was nice to see and important for any garden, be it wild or tamed, was that the natural features were enhanced  rather than disguised. The wet areas were bog gardens,  and the rocks,  natural rockeries. Of course, this was a natural space, but it is being managed and some areas have grass cut tight which shows up the natural features even better.”

 Book Direct For Best Rates